New massage course in Cambridge is method for papas to bond with their child

A brand-new massage course introduced previously this year in Cambridge is providing fathers a various method to bond with their infants.

Mother-of-one Beckee Nicol, who established independent company Bees infant massage in September last year, has now expanded her massage classes from mothers to dads.


The 29-year-old, who lives in a narrow boat on the River Cam with her fianc Nick Sharp, held her third course for fathers on Saturday at St Andrew’s Hall in Chesterton which was delighted in by 5 dads.

Fathers can expect to learn the best ways to do a basic full body massage, reflexology, child yoga and get some concepts for giving partners a break and reasons children sob.

And so far, Beckee, who has a 22-and-a-half-month-old child Teddy who she says was the motivation for the course, stated they have been incredibly popular.

“It’s been going truly well,” she stated.

“All the daddies were there with their infants in their arms out cold.

“Usually they don’t handle to get their baby to sleep, typically as it takes the mum rocking them or feeding them.

“It’s really empowering for dads. And at the end of the courses, they wind up swapping numbers.

“It’s also good for the daddies to satisfy other daddies. Mums are constantly at child groups but you don’t get that with the daddies.

“I truly think it’s a bit different for fathers to do with their babies.”

Beckee said her course fills a space in the market as there is a great deal of baby groups in Cambridge but not a lot for babies listed below 6 months and especially for fathers.

28s1She said it can assist infants to feel more loved, valued and respected, lowered emotional distress and crying and help them sleep longer along with assisting them to feel securely connected. Benefits for the parents include nearness, learning a long-lasting parenting skill, much deeper understanding of their baby’s behavior, body language and sobbing.

Since releasing her company, Beckee stated it has altered everything for her.

“The pressures of life made it hard for me to bond with my child after a hard pregnancy, birth, healthcare facility stays and being unable to breast feed, she stated.

“I went on a child massage course, which I likewise sent my partner on prior to we moved to Cambridge.

“He found it was a remarkable experience however being the only father on the course wanted me to run a dad course once I’d trained.

“Cambridge is an ingenious city enabling Bees infant massage to do such enjoyable and interesting things as father and child courses and enabling them to exercise.

“I’ve been lucky enough to be able making this work.”

28aIn September, Beckee will be expanding the dad’s course together with her other weekly courses from St Andrew’s hall and individual’s houses to Fulbourn’s new neighborhood centre, The Fulbourn Centre, and the Pavilion in Oakington.

Points are not all they seem as colleges massage courses

28s3The number of students taking the Leaving Cert is on an upward trajectory and will stay so for the next 12 years, so points will go up in general every year unless more locations are funded by the Higher Education Authority (HEA), as the cut-off points for entry to courses are governed by supply and demand.

Securing the high scholastic achievers through the CAO application process is an extremely competitive online game for colleges, and lots of marketing techniques are used. High achievers lead to high academic efficiency by colleges, improving their placing in international rankings and hence their attractiveness to fee-paying worldwide students. Success or failure in the contest for applications eventually identifies college’s perceived success or failure. Dave Taylor massage training provide you proper tips on how to massage properly.

To draw in the brightest students, colleges have in recent years divided their core disciplines into small numbers of places on a bigger variety of course code offerings.


A discipline such as engineering, for instance, with 200 put on offer, might offer all the places under a generic course entry, which may lead to the last qualifier having 460 points.

The college could subdivide the program into ten course codes throughout the engineering disciplines, with an average of 20 places offered under each course code. The entry points for all 10 programs would then be higher than if offered as a single entry code.

The function of the exercise is to bring in students who may not use to a course needing 460 points if they perceived themselves to be 500-plus point’s achievers.

Last August The Irish Times published the number of places filled under every CAO course code in 2013. This revealed colleges provided hundreds of course codes with less than five places, making sure that those program points’ requirements were 550-plus points.

Don’t allow marketing gimmicks by colleges to identify your course options.


Profile the points for similar courses,

With the very same academic standing can vary greatly depending upon the size of the college and the group profile in the surrounding area. For example, the entry points for an arts degree can vary from 300 to 365 across various universities.

Recently Maynooth University, offering 950 places, has had the acmes requirements at 365. UCD has 1,260 locations, so that course is undoubtedly even more down the points table when it fills its last location.

NUI Galway, which has a far lower population density than the Dublin area and hence a lower number of applicants, has seen students safe and secure places on 300 points recently.28e

Do the various points score requirements suggest any difference in scholastic standards or in the chances readily available to graduates? The response is an emphatic no.

What the entry points inform you is exactly what the marketing departments of colleges want you to think, because they want to figure out the pattern of your application.

Last year, for example, applications for computer science courses increased significantly but the entry points stayed unchanged. The additional places cancelled out the increase in the number of students looking for locations, leaving the entry points the same.

Seeing points as currency

For anyone getting a college location, the most significant mistake you can make is to see your points as a currency that has to be moneyed in.

28s4If you expect to get more than 500 points you may apply only for courses over that rating. That is what the colleges marketing departments want you to do however it may not remain in your best interests and you may be neglecting a course in the 400-500 range which is best for you; however you won’t consider it because it would squander points.

Constantly make an application for the course that best serves your needs and the entry requirements you meet.

Don’t ignore your possible Leaving Cert result by disregarding your dream course for which you were to expect to obtain the points.

On the other hand, weren’t neglecting your lower-points course option alternatives to permit a bad day in one or more of your papers in June.

You have 20 options across levels eight, seven, and 6. Use as many as you has to cover all possible outcomes in your exam outcomes.

A relaxing health club retreat at Moddershall Oaks

In need of some R&R my better half and I were invited to spend the night at Moddershall Oaks with the promise of some relaxing treatments in the Country Spa.

Moddershall Oaks is a nation medical spa retreat in Staffordshire offering health spa days, medspa breaks and treatments, excellent exquisite lakeside dining, a high-end events venue and unique wedding place centers.

Personal service and an intimate environment let you forget the outside world. Moddershall Oaks has to do with indulging and indulging yourself. We wait on you, so you are free to unwind is their mission statement.

Upon arrival we were shown to our large suite before we chose to take a look around.

The hotel has 10 suites which, regardless of being part of the primary building, feel a million miles away as the patio doors overlook rolling countryside and you are also afforded making use of a locals just personal jacuzzi.

Having completed our tour it was now time to take a look at the day spa. There is an indoor health spa area consisting of swimming pool, steam room, hydrotherapy swimming pool, heated tile loungers, experience shower and reflexology footbaths.

28s6Not material with that there is also an outdoor medical spa courtyard total with log fire! The piece de resistance is the 25 sqm heated vitality health spa pool from which you are invited to relax with a cocktail or more. Who am I to refuse such indulgence? There is likewise a relaxation lounge, day spa deli and sauna.

Having actually enjoyed our time in the day spa it was now time for our treatments.

I had actually chosen the Chocolate & Cocoa Bean Wrap while my wife chose the Rose & Raspberry Massage.

The treatment spaces were relaxation in themselves with supportive lighting to assist you forget about the pressures of the outdoors world.

All this and we still had supper to look forward to in the hotel’s restaurant.

Dinner in the evening was an occasion. Unwinding in the lounge with a pre-dinner drink we browsed the menu before going into the perfectly appointed restaurant.

I had opted for the West Coast Scallops while my partner selected the Crispy Gressingham Duck Croquettes. Both were a pleasure to the taste buds.

28s5For the main dish I chose the Pork alternative which included Pork fillet wellington, Scotch egg, black pudding potato rosti, piccalilli, scratchings, crispy kale, apple gel.My partner went with the Lamb meal which was Roast rump of lamb, dauphinoise potatoes, and creamed baby spinach with sherry vinegar, pine nuts and smoked paprika, pea and tarragon jus.


Empty plates from both courses served testament to the quality and discussion of the food.

Both courses were washed down with the aid of a bottle of reasonably priced Argentinian Malbec.

Dinner over us now retreated back to the bar for a nightcap.
After an extravagant breakfast the following early morning it was time to make the long journey home with the hope of returning at some point in the future.